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The company employs three full-time staff, three outside sales representatives, and several contract programmers who maintain and develop the web site presence.Match Mate, Inc., headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, is a limited Massachusetts company incorporated in June of 1993. Match Mate's explicit purpose is to help singles find compatible long-term or life partners by offering psycho-social screening through the sale of memberships to the service.In January of 1996, Match Mate added singles' mall features to its home page.

The result is a 52% divorce rate, and that rate climbs each decade.Western Massachusetts was added as a second base of operations.Within three years the service grew to offering data base matching in all of Massachusetts and Rhode Island.In the course of both completing the application and experiencing the results, singles gain valuable self-awareness and self-esteem.The Match Mate system was designed by a marriage counselor and former social worker who believes that the pattern of dating in America is backwards.

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The total client base in 1994 comprised 1,800 singles.