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Given isotopes are useful for dating over a range from a fraction of their half life to about four or five times their half life.Symbolically, the process of radioactive decay can be expressed by the following differential equation, where N is the quantity of decaying nuclei and k is a positive number called the exponential decay constant.The meaning of this equation is that the rate of change of the number of nuclei over time is proportional only to the number of nuclei.This is consistent with the assumption that each decay event is independent and its chance does not vary over time.The article goes on to explain that there are two categories of dating: relative and absolute.

absolute dating methods, circular reasoning in scientific dating methods, guide fossils, how accurate are scientific dating methods, index fossils, is radiometric dating accurate, radioactive decay, radiometric dating, relative dating methods As a scientist, it is hard for me to fathom anyone who has scientific training and does not believe in God. from the University of Rochester in nuclear chemistry and a B. The numbers that are given are the and you have to know their respective values in order to solve for a.Although the scientific equations that calculate the ages of rocks and fossils are obviously much more complicated, the same principle applies. in Finance, Minor in Economics, and a passion for science, research, Christian apologetics, and writing.In order to solve for the correct age of the rock or fossil, the scientist must “plug in” certain constants that are known to be true. Radiometric dating techniques depend on three unreasonable assumptions (outlined in this Apologetics Press article)- the equivalent of constants. Upon realizing that I had been a victim of the widely held belief that mainstream science is “unbiased” and the erroneous beliefs that follow, I embarked on a crusade to share the overwhelming evidence revealing science's lesser known yet undeniable validation of the biblical creation account.Stating the obvious: An equation will never yield the correct answer if the constants are incorrect. Wrong Data = Wrong Conclusion What are these assumptions? I'm also dedicated to cultivating a deep knowledge and understanding of the Bible in order to effectively defend God's Word and bring honor and glory to Him.

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Index fossils are defined as: Any animal or plant that is preserved in the rock record of the Earth that is characteristic of a particular span of geologic time or environment.