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DEADLINE: WINTERS: Keeping the Season 1 Hector storyline in mind — and this sort of self-punitive torture that he went through as Thomas Shaw, as Daniel said in Season 1 — letting Hector go free was not necessarily equivalent to liberty for Hector.When all the narrative streams converged as we broke the finale we realized Berlin Station is in a serious fix with the threat of expulsion from Germany. That’s the essential question of the final episode is what do they do about the fix that they’re in?Looking at the world at the moment there’s just no shortage of arenas to dive into.DEADLINE: A lot of this season mirrored almost real-time events, especially in a Germany that has stumbled into its own past and saw the return of the far Right to the Bundestag.executive producer of tonight’s Season 2 finale of the Epix spy series.“Also, whereas our characters started with a certain set of assumptions at the beginning of the season only to see many of those assumptions turned inside out, I would hope that the viewer feels a similar sense of surprise,” the showrunner added of the twists, turns and resurrections of sorts that culminated in the “Winners Right The History Books” episode.

The EP also discussed working with Judd amidst the unfolding Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment and sexual assault allegations.

Starting with a new boss in the form of Ashley Judd’s BB Yates at the CIA station in the German capitol, a protocol busting ad power flexing Ambassador, unsanctioned operations and an election seemed certain to herald a return of the Far Right to the Bundestag, the October 15 debut of the second season of the Olen Steinhauer-created series also saw some familiar faces up to their old tricks in new circumstances.

Riddled with uncanny similarities to the real politick of the past several months, Yates, Daniel Miller (Richard Armitage), Robert Kirsch (Leland Orser), Valerie Edwards (Michelle Forbes) plus new addition April Lewis (Keke Palmer) and local spy boss Esther Krug (Mina Tander) all try to prevent a terror attack and assassination ploy orchestrated by the Far Right to influence the German voting.

How far into the process of Season 2 were you as such events began to unfold?

WINTERS: I knew before the room started back in September of 2016 that I wanted to deal with the rise of the far right and sort of take a lot of the issues that we in America have been wrestling with and kind of transpose it to a European context.

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Add to that a compromising and potentially compromised hardliner in Pf D second-in-command Joseph Emerich (Heino Frech).

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