Accommodating children with disabilities in the classroom loversdating biz

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Accommodating children with disabilities in the classroom

After all, accommodations are meant to "level the playing field," provide equal and ready access to the task at hand, and not meant to provide an undue advantage to the user.Selecting and monitoring the effectiveness of accommodations should be an ongoing process, and changes (with involvement of students, parents and educators) should be made as often as needed.Both the ADA and Section 504 require us to work with parents to accommodate diagnosed mental health problems.Most of the time we will see behavior disorders, such as younger children being unable to control their temper.The key is to be sure that chosen accommodations address students' specific areas of need and facilitate the demonstration of skill and knowledge.

With the implementation of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), educators are expected to see all students, with and without disabilities.It also is difficult to know when accommodation of a child’s psychological disability requires giving him or her a pass and when it requires encouraging the child to push their limitations.Youth-serving organizations cannot second-guess the diagnoses that we receive.As with the other exceptions, your decision will depend on the specific facts of the situation.In the child care setting, a child with an uncontrollable temper may directly threaten the safety of other children in the classroom.

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Because most music therapists still need a teaching credential to get into the school system, a therapist is not always available and it becomes the responsibility of the music educator to include the special needs students.

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