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Accommodating conflict management

This also helps to avoid ‘group thinking’ where group members publicly agree with a course of action, while privately having serious reservations about it.

The most difficult conflicts are those arising out of value differences.

They are as follows: Accommodation involves having to deal with the problem with an element of self-sacrifice; an individual sets aside his own concerns to maintain peace in the situation.

Accommodating - Playing down differences while emphasizing commonalties.Thus, it is better to confront the problem before it gets worse.Collaborating aims to find a solution to the conflict through cooperating with other parties involved.Hence, communication is an important part of this strategy.In this mechanism, effort is exerted in digging into the issue to identify the needs of the individuals concerned without removing their respective interests from the picture.

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It is, therefore, useful to see conflicts as a series of expressions of existing differences within a group, having some links to each other.

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