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Accomodating cultural diversity

Another example might be growing up in the deep South, where it's a different culture than in the north.

If you moved north, there's no doubt that your culture would be different than most of your co-workers.

Cultural competency refers to your ability to interact with people from different cultures, as well as social and economic backgrounds.

It measures your ability to effectively work with people who don't share your native language, who celebrate different holidays than you, who may not share the same beliefs, principles, or lifestyle as you.

In everyday life outside of the workplace, culture might have just one meaning.

You may refer to the Muslim culture, the Mexican culture, and et cetera, and in those cases it would have either the first or second meaning listed above.

Your cultural baggage is like a suitcase that contains all your beliefs, values, biases, prejudices, and – in some cases – even your habits.

It makes up a big part of who you are, how you work, and what you feel comfortable with, as well as what you don't. You might have grown up in a household where your family's culture was celebrated.

There are four components to cultural competency that were developed by Diversity Training University International (DTUI).However, a colleague may take a more circular approach and take longer to say what needs to be said.Understanding the different communication styles and how culture influences them will help to ease frustration and promote understanding, not just for you, but for your colleagues, as well. Circular discussions involve telling stories around the main point.These four components are: awareness, attitude, knowledge, and skills. Take the time to reflect on your awareness, attitude, and knowledge.Don't be afraid to be honest with yourself, and don't feel badly for any biases or prejudices you may harbor. Prejudices and biases are instilled in us based on our background and experiences.

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How the individuals and their individual cultures blend and come together will determine the culture of the workplace.

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