Addison dating private practice bases dating 3rd date

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Addison dating private practice

("In Which Sam Gets Taken for a Ride") Kevin came back to the practice to have a physical done.

He came back to get the results of his physical to turn into his work.

("Crime and Punishment") He grew bored of bed rest and decided to get up and go around doing things. Addison later came home to find him sitting at the bottom of the steps, unable to get up. ("Know When to Fold") Once he had recovered, Kevin talked about going back to his place because he had dishes in the sink.

Addison hired a cleaning lady to take care of the mess. He also disagreed with Addison treated college call girls, saying that once you get into that life, it's hard to get out and believing Addison was enabling them by not counseling them to stop.

He also interacted with Addison while he was there.

After that meeting, Addison went to the police department to find him.

He then asked to leave early and didn't call Addison afterward.

("Tempting Faith") Addison later got a call that Kevin had been shot on the job.

Addison said that she hadn't once said he wasn't good enough and told him not to give up on them.

"Well, I was surprised when they killed off Patrick," she dished.

Kevin came to the practice to support Susan Mc Cullough, his late partner's wife, who was giving birth.

("Tempting Faith") After he was released from the hospital, he stayed at Addison's place and she took care of him.

He objected that he didn't want to feel like an invalid, but Addison said that he wasn't a burden.

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After the baby was born, Addison brought him out to introduce him to his father's co-workers.