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You will also find opportunities to become co-enrolled in various technical programs including Nurse Assistant and Certification for Manufacturing.

The staff at the LDCC-Center for Adult Development is ready to help you enroll to start on the next best journey of your life!

The Louisiana Workforce Commission administers programs designed to enhance workforce growth and provide family-sustaining jobs for Louisiana residents.

The commission monitors employment, administers unemployment compensation and tax funds, provides training resources for employers and employees and oversees workers’ compensation benefits.

The treasurer also serves as chairman of the State Bond Commission, which centralizes and administers state debt.

We also have scholarship opportunities to help pay the costs associated with the Hi SET exam for those who meet specific criteria.

Each Louisiana Delta Community College campus offers learning opportunities through the Center for Adult Development, and each campus holds a separate registration and orientation for classes.

For those who already have a high school diploma or high school equivalency but lack the skills to move forward in either your job or your college career, we offer skills’ upgrade opportunities to help get you back on track.

In our center, you will find experienced instructors willing to go the extra mile to make sure you get what you need.

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