Adult photo swap

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Adult photo swap

Later, on the count of three, all the children shouted ‘We Love You,’ which was reciprocated from their adult cohorts.

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I was reported by enough people to get a block roughly 3 days ago, and I still get the “Will review within a few hours” message.

You should either hire more staff to review the reports from people that are offended that a guy may send a face pic to another guy within a timely manner over more than M-F or change you clearly erroneous messaging to something more accurate.

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More than 800 million photos already swapped, join the fun and get addicted to Photo Swap! another picture of course, and engage in a real photo-based conversation. Be surprised by a unique glimpse into someone else's life!

So come on I'm sure lots more users agree with me.After sending a pic of my pet cat I have been banned yet again, so here we go developers there is a simple solution for this !Photoswap Adult and charge a fee for it, this should keep the kids off it, if I want to see a picture of someones tv or pet cat I go on the free version of photoswap, if I want to see a picture of a female with her puppies out i go on photoswap adult SIMPLE !And the users out there who havn't filled out there info it's easy : go to your settings in your i Phone you will see photoswap in there, open it and fill out your info. Bewarned though, once you get into a photoswap conversation, watch your battery life disappear right before your eyes.If enough of us tell the developers we want photoswap adult they might do something about it. If you’re on the go and need to make/receive that important call, make sure you carry a recharging cable otherwise you’ll be screwed.

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