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Modern log cabins often feature fiberglass insulation and are sold as prefabricated kits machined in a factory, rather than hand-built in the field like ancient log cabins.

Log cabins are mostly constructed without the use of nails and thus derive their stability from simple stacking, with only a few dowel joints for reinforcement.

This is because a log cabin tends to compress slightly as it settles, over a few months or years. In the present-day United States, settlers may have first constructed log cabins by 1638.

Historians believe that the first log cabins built in North America were in the Swedish colony of Nya Sverige (New Sweden) in the Delaware River and Brandywine River valleys.

The Swedish-Finnish colonists' quick and easy construction techniques not only remained, but spread.

Later German and Ukrainian immigrants also used this technique.

Careful notching minimized the size of the gap between the logs and reduced the amount of chinking (sticks or rocks) or daubing (mud) needed to fill the gap.

Many of its colonists were actually Forest Finns, because Finland was part of Sweden at that time.

New Sweden only briefly existed before it was absorbed by the Dutch colony of New Netherland, which was eventually taken over by the English.

The contemporaneous British settlers had no tradition of building with logs, but they quickly adopted the method.

The first English settlers did not widely use log cabins, building in forms more traditional to them. Settlers often built log cabins as temporary homes to live in while constructing larger, permanent houses; then they often used the log cabins as outbuildings, such as barns or chicken coops.

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The insulating properties of the solid wood were a great advantage over a timber frame construction covered with animal skins, felt, boards or shingles.

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