American women dating egyptian men indian parents on dating

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American women dating egyptian men

In Egypt, though, Khalid's wife didn't just attract sexual attention, but rude behavior from Egyptian women.In high-end shops, for example, Egyptian women would cut in front of her in line.Once while Khalid and his wife dined at an upscale restaurant, an Egyptian woman scolded him for bringing "a woman like that into a place like this." She assumed Zeinab was a prostitute.When Khalid tried to explain that the woman in question was his wife, the Egyptian woman wouldn't hear it.Particularly in Italy and Mexico, I endured men leering at me, catcalling me and insisting that I meet them for dates.

Perhaps it's time for African Americans to learn more about how many people in the country they've romanticized hold them in such low regard.As someone who has had to endure the indignities and the fear that goes with unwanted sexual attention and harassment on a regular basis, I appreciate the efforts to highlight the issue.Dark skinned women (not just blacks) are considered exotic in many places unless the population is dark skinned, in which case white-skinned women are perceived to be uber-sexual and a brown-skinned woman with a white person is fair game for sexual harassment (I'm thinking Asia here, especially Thailand and India).Moreover, Khalid writes that male and female refugees from sub-Saharan African nations such as Sudan, Ethiopia and Eritrea routinely face security roundups in Cairo.He notes that in December 2005, Egyptian riot police killed as many as 100 Sudanese refugees who were protesting mistreatment, but that the tragedy hardly garnered any outcry.

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If you're a dark-skinned black woman in Egypt, you're likely to be sexually propositioned by men and slighted by women there.