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Q: I'm using the Windows version of send Email, and I get the error message "the ordinal 2586 could not be located in the dynamic link libraby LIBEAY32.dll", what do I do?

A: I don't know why this happens, but you can fix it by downloading the "No TLS Support" version of send Email.

Advanced TCA (ATCA) is a standard for telecom applications bringing the features of proprietary architectures and the Compact PCI standard with his high packing density and RAS (reliability, availability, serviceability) together.

The rugged airborne systems products family enable in-flight broadband services including: Internet, VPN access, email, multimedia capabilities, video-on-demand, games and additional entertainment choices.

The following new command line parameters are now available: -o tls=auto This is the default, TLS will be used if possible.

-o tls=yes Use this to require TLS for message delivery. If TLS is giving strange errors, try upgrading the Net:: SSLeay and IO:: Socket:: SSL perl modules.

Yes, you can finally use Send Email to send messages to your GMail account :) send Email -o tls=yes -f Your [email protected] Someone Youre [email protected] -xu Your [email protected] YOURPASSWORD -u "Hello from send Email" -m "How are you? It's a workaround until I put a real fix in: solves this issue.

I'm testing send Email from the command line." Q: I get the error "invalid SSL_version specified at /System/Library/Perl/Extras/5.16/IO/Socket/line 332.“ on my Apple. Q: I'm using the Windows version of send Email and I can't seem to send a message larger than 16kb. I believe it's an issue with the Active State Perl compiler, and I don't know of a work-around.

To enable TLS support simply install the Net:: SSLeay and IO:: Socket:: SSL perl modules.Your emails could be rejected if mistakenly identified as spam; you will not be informed.If necessary please make (telephone) enquiries with the recipient to find out whether your email has been accepted.The SYMKLOUD Series of application-ready cloud platform solutions, designed from the ground up to transform and simplify how network equipment providers and cloud service providers deploy web-based, machine-to-machine (M2M) & mobile applications in cloud Kontron's embedded servers are designed for the software defined world.Service providers and enterprise clients around the globe can deploy new services with greater speed, confidence and operational efficiency.

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The Halle (Saale) Administrative Authority assumes: If communication is commenced electronically then any further communication will be carried out in the same manner insofar as other regulations do not stand in the way.