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Next I learn that Excel uses SHA1 to encrypt spreadsheets instead of the previous method, which I assume was some sort of XOR with a one-character password.

With the new encryption scheme, protecting and unprotecting a worksheet in code takes a touch longer. I don’t know what exactly to do about the protection problem.

First, there’s the Single Document Interface (SDI). If you have two linked documents open and you calculate, both documents go into the calculation tree.

That’s where every document is in it’s own application container. So it’s not exactly separate application containers.

This article is primarily focused on Excel VBA macros, however many of these rules apply to Microsoft Access VBA macros as well. Turn off automatic spreadsheet calculation This rule is well known, but it is the most important rule.

The impact of leaving automatic calculation turned on can be dramatic.

I sprinkled some splits around the code to see if there was one area causing the problem. There must be something else in 2013 that’s taking a disproportionately long time compared to 2010. Have you experienced performance problems with 2013?

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Screen Updating = True End Sub 1 Then Exit Sub Application.

As the proud owner of several large VBA macros, I have spent a considerable amount of time looking for ways to make macros run faster.

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Whereas before I was pretty liberal, protecting and unprotecting whenever I needed to, now I’m unprotecting and reprotecting exactly one time. As an experiment, I removed all protection from the templates and removed all the unprotecting and reprotecting from my code. That cuts it in half, although I can’t release this into the wild with no protection.