Austrian men dating style

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Austrian men dating style

People in Austria follow not only legislative civil laws but also respect and keen on to the rules of social behavior, formed by centuries before.

You must know that Austrian women appreciate personal space very much, so do not interfere it, if she herself does not want it.

You can get your fix at these cosy Viennese cafe’s. They may be famous for the Vienna Waltz season, but thorough research in many bars has revealed Austrians are much more partial to Macarena-like sing-alongs to folksy music, with corresponding dance moves that an entire dance floor will bust out. Water is very sacred here as they treasure the good, clear product fresh from the mountains. They even nominated him to be a Governor for Styria! Allegedly the photo to go along with his nomination was something like this… In the middle of the workday there’s old-school, full length Eminiem alongside tracks like ‘What’s my Motherf**in Name’. Sunday is traditionally a ‘family day’ used to socialise doing non-capitalist activities, like long lunches at Grannies and playing in a park. This is regardless of weather or if the car actually needs cleaning. My personal favourite is Weissbier, but the variety and cheap prices mean you can discover your personal favourite. I'm a coffee snob and brunch fiend figuring out the practical side of slow travel & living in Austria.

I’m no prude so it doesn’t really bother me but for those sensitive to swearing, beware! Its a delightful way to force you to find something outdoorsy to do on a weekend. The gigantic queues at Carwash outlets can attest to the popularity of this pastime. Here's where I share stories & tips about life in Vienna, loving an Austrian and the mishaps and advice I've discovered in 10 years of travel & misadventures.

Maybe this is a European habit, but for Austrians its seems to be a particularly rewarding game – where if you guess correctly, friendly jibes and stereotypes are exchanged about each respective persons village. All this incredible countryside encourages outdoor fitness freaks. I’m slowly getting used to the idea of watching ski races on a Saturday afternoon instead of the footy. I’m still a bit bemused by Vienna’s fashion choices.

Then in winter there’s skiing, snow boarding, ice skating, or ‘touring’ which is hiking (again), but this time in snow, up a mountain. Because Austria kind of sucks (on a national level) in popular European sports like soccer, they tend to embrace the stuff they’re good at, like skiing. I say ‘classic’ when what I mostly mean is a teensy bit boring.

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Austrians love any kind of Dairy product – cheese, milk, butter, buttermilk, cream, creamy spreads, creamy sauces on meals, mayonaise in every salad…. I reckon its from their rural tradition of farming and loving their cows so much. The thought of it makes me wanna vomit in my mouth. More often than not, the potatoes are in salad, the famous Kartöffel Salad. There’s a woman on our street who has been spotted sweeping leaves from the footpath at midnight. If cleaning your house isn’t enough, they have city wide initiatives in Spring to help clean the city for incomiung tourists…very serious business! Add to that the many many public holidays throughout the year (at least 14) and the ‘swing days’ ( if a public holiday falls on a Thursday you can normally get the Friday off too) and you have one very relaxed country. Entering and exiting buildings I look busy, stride quickly and leave everyone the hell alone to do the same. I think this is part of Austrias very strong formal culture.