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The video is shot the day I list the marker, so that is the condition that you will receive it in. This is one of the lightest and strongest bolts you can get for your marker. Normal wear- See pictures- Perfect for a pump project.

Even with each other, they do not sit close or preen each other.

In addition, it has a very calm and laid back temperament, which is also perfect for small children looking for a companion pet.In this picture you can see another point that Mark Bragg of G-Force Paintball pointed out, the way the numbers were stamped differs on the early guns to production guns. I had never noticed this before but now looking at serial pictures Bragg is correct.All Sniper 1s (at least before the one thousand serial number) feature a less exageratted serif stamping which isn’t lined up very well and the majority of sniper 2s use a more exagerated serif with numbers inline.Great Billed Parrot is considered as one of the healthiest species due to its very efficient digestive system.They also like to show off their vocabulary and tend to talk in front of people instead of waiting for a quiet room.

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They are birds that, like Eclectus, prefer to be touched only a little, stroking their feathers in the direction of their growth while holding the bird close to your body.

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