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Avril lavigne picture frames dating

call me at 740-384-4323 or E-mail bdsass at I just wanted to say that to my knoledge I have an H-TA sitting in my driveway.

(to buy after market is nut's $$$$$$ ) Thank's Hope someone can help with this question.

Hi, I own and restored a 1950 Farmall H at the age of 12.

Last winter I restored it (with help from my dad on the hard bolts and such).


The way I have the headlights wired they light when starting the tractor but when the tractor starts the headlights go out despite the switch still being on.

Can anybody help me with identification of this tractor It only has 3 forward gears I have owned a 52 H since 2003.

I bought a 1948 H tractor 2 months ago and when I drove it in 4th.

does any one know of more super h s like this one My brother in law has a farmall H serial # 16865 that was suppose to be a orchard model.

It has hinge points for what I suppose is a drop down screen over both sides of engine compartment.

If anyone has any suggestions I will be willing to try them.

Is somebody out there who can help me to find the parts i need?

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this should fix the problem with the tractor...b dont try to force the pto lever on the tractor to the off position..brake the shifting fork.

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