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Axl rose dating diane o connor

After his relocation to Los Angeles, Axl started his music career when he joined a band group named Rapidfire in 1983 and in 1984, he left the group and formed his own band named Hollywood Rose along with his childhood pal Stradlin who also moved to Los Angeles and the band recorded five songs. A Guns which later merged with his own band Hollywood Roses to become Guns N’ Roses in 1985.The performance of the band attracted the attention of tons of major record labels but they finally signed a record deal with Geffen records in 1986.The Star behind the success of the popular rock band group Guns N’ Roses, Axl Rose is a well-known controversial figure, a multi-talented musician, the founder and lead singer of the Guns N’ Roses band that was formed in 1985.His active contributions, creativity and exceptional music style have kept the band group under the spotlight for a very long time now.

Until today, he has been active in the group and has been touring the world with them.

Though faced with much challenges of getting the best, Axl finally raised the flag again in 2001.

He appeared with the band at Rock in Rio 3 where they started the much anticipated Chinese Democracy Tour which ended in 2011.

After their divorce, William disappeared from Indiana and later, he was reportedly murdered by his gang partner in Illinois in 1984. Bailey who adopted Rose and trained him with his other siblings.

When Rose was five years old, he joined the church choir and performed during church services alongside his brother and sister, they were using the name The Bailey Trio.

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