Babalwa mneno dating

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Babalwa mneno dating

“But she was so in love with him that she didn’t want to hear reason.And now he is gone and done what he does when he settles into a relationship.Babalwa Mneno Slams Reports About Her Being A Female Pimp! I’m not even scared to put u on blast and have ur ghost hunt investigation on me!Following same allegations on socialite Faith Nketsi, former supermodel turned socialite popularly known as Barbilicious is the latest to be accused of pimping girls for money. “She should have seen this coming-it’s not like she was not warned of his cheating ways but she still went ahead with the relationship.The mother of one is said to be taking the news of her man’s cheating hard.

“She thought she was the centre of his universe but she got a reality check when she found out that he is playing the field again.The starlet arrived alone and spent most of the evening chatting to friends.“She was warned when she started dating Robert about his roving eye and that once he is settled in a relationship gets a bit too comfortable and starts cheating,” said another source.She is not talking much about how she feels but you can see she is taking the strain bigtime.Now friends and fans are wondering how the couple will resolve the matter.

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It’s such a shame, because they really seem like a nice couple and they really love each other. “They have already planned their lives together and now that this news has come to light, we don’t know what will happen,” the source continues.