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Backdating wiki

For example, if your stock is trading at around /share, you might get 1000 options with a strike price of /share.No one would exercise their options (or buy this stock) right away, because why would you want to pay for the stock when you can get it for ?If bank feeds are not appearing within your bank's specified feed frequency, contact us so we can look into it.Unfortunately, banks don't allow the backdating of bank feed transactions.It is not legally possible to actually "backdate" such an agreement - because the agreement could trigger certain tax and reporting requirements, you could be in breach of those requirements if you signed an agreement now dated as of last year.What is done instead is simply to start the vesting in the past, which is what was done in your case.The list that appears in the Manage your bank feeds page includes bank feeds that are both currently active, and those that are in the process of being activated.

In 2011, the company was accused of option backdating; it eventually reached a million settlement.

When you've changed the linked account, all the transactions for the bank feed will be visible when you select the new linked account on the Bank transactions page. You can cancel a bank feed, either before your application has been processed, or after it’s been accepted and you’ve begun receiving data.

You should only cancel a bank feed if you want to permanently stop the flow of data from your bank for the selected account.

An option based on the value of a stock index (like the S&P 500).

It's not different than a typical stock option; the only difference is the underlying asset that determines the value of the option (an index price instead of a stock price).

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Once you’ve cancelled a bank feed, you will need to re-apply and re-send the application form before you can receive bank feeds on this account again. You should not cancel a bank feed if you simply want to change which MYOB Essentials account it is linked to.

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