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Providing an e-mail address has the sole purpose of aiding contact between be2 and the customer; this e-mail address will not be passed on to other be2 customers.(known as "Premium Membership"), to which these General Terms and Conditions also apply.During registration, the customer selects a user name by which he/she will be introduced to the other be2 customers and a personal password.Alternatively, the customer may be automatically allocated a "code" by be2 instead of a personally selected user name.the other be2 customers who have been recommended to him/her.In principle, be2 only allows direct contact to be established between the customers if both customers are in mutual agreement. Before a paid service is used, the customer must be notified that the service in question is provided at a charge and informed of what payments will be due upon purchase.

Every day, our physicians, nurses and team work towards accomplishing this goal with you and every patient that entrusts their family building dreams to us.The charges due, the scope of the services and the relevant payment methods applicable are explained during the purchase of the paid service.The customer may use the paid services once the payment process is complete and full address details have been given.be2 cannot guarantee the accuracy of the details given by be2 customers in the personality test.when the client has entered his/her user name (or alternatively the Code allocated to him/her) and password, or via e-mails to the e-mail address provided by the customer during registration.), by letter or by fax.For the purposes of unique authorization and protection against misuse, it is absolutely necessary that the customer at the very least specifies his/her be2-registered e-mail address, the country whose be2 Service he/she is using and his/her user name (or alternatively, the Code allocated to him/her) in his/her messages to be2.(1) be2 is not liable for the accuracy of the details provided by be2 customers during the personality test.

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Scope of the be2 service"): - the processing of individual test results on the basis of details supplied by the customer during the personality test.

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