Being just friends after dating Free live adult web cam and chat

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Being just friends after dating

If you're uncomfortable or just not interested in being her friend, that's fine.But if you get along well, there's not reason not to be her friend. There is a risk inherent with having friends who you have previously slept with.I have not been in your specific situation, but knowing me, it wouldn't bother me to test the friend waters with her. I don't take rejection personally as I realize that sometimes you can tell when a relationship won't work out, but that isn't an indictment on your or their personal worth.Some of my best friends are people I've dated.There would have to be a significant upside to the friendship. If it was my best friend I would try to make it work, but otherwise I dont do friends with Exs.

I have rejected and been rejected by women who were already friends and remained friends.If you're not getting something you value out of it, then it's not a friendship. I do nice things for my friends all the time without expecting a reward, because to me, simply hanging with them is enough. If you're giving and not receiving anything in return, though, you're just being a slave to their needs.I've found far too many people of both genders happy to abuse that giving nature.friendship after dating works only if both parties just want the friendship, and are able to stay grounded in the idea that it is just friendship and doesn't mean something else.They're also good mates with my wife (indeed, the three of them plus others are going on a girl's night out for a birthday this weekend). I didn't need them to be my friend, I needed them as something more than that.I've also had girls I've been interested in rebuff me, but wanted to be friends. Friendship is a two-way street, as is all relationships.

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Recently a girl I went out with texted me and tried to poise herself as a friend to me, we got along but we weren't a good match for dating.