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Bestiality dating site

Date: 4 October, , - Price: €5,- / Passe-partout for 5 lectures €20,- Tickets are available here4 October Domestikator: an evening about bestiality Central element of the Ferrotopia art installation is the Domestikator.

Since then Lee has been sentenced to jail for killing his stepfather, Neal Keith Wilkinson, in 2015 and for a string of offences in 2012, including bestiality and raping a girl under 16, who he also assaulted by spearing her in the arm, and refusing to take her to hospital.

He was also given two years jail for the charge of conspiracy to commit bestiality.

In sentencing Lee, Justice Michael Elkaim stopped short of giving explicit details he said showed the "depths of depravity" the two men had gone to.

We fantasize about dys- and utopian future scenarios: from tribal life forms to fully urbanized societies.

The slippery slope fallacy that gay marriage will lead to marriage between humans and animals.

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Ferrotopia Evening Expeditions Ferrotopia is an art installation at the Amsterdam NDSM shipyard, a ‘gesamtskunstwerk’ and pop-up museum in one.