Bicycle frame updating

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One can also search for parts for sale on various forums or discussion lists (see the Buy/Sell page for a list of some of these).One also can post a wanted notice on the forum or list describing what you want.The owner of the 730, Jack Romaine, found that a 22.2 stem would fit into the bottom end of the steerer tube.

Most of us were not fortunate enough to have a nearby shop that specialized in used bikes and parts.

Most members of these lists get enjoyment out of placing an unneeded part with a good home; the monetary return is secondary.

Seatpost Diameter - Nearly all road Treks prior to the mid 90s have the standard seatpost diameter of 27.2mm.

Not everyone had the patience for swap meets or garage sales or knew how to find collectors (their spouses know them as hoarders) of parts who were willing to share.

ow, one can search e for both used and new old stock (NOS) parts.

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Chat about other than vintage lightweights is done elsewhere.