Bisexuals in brooklyn dating

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Bisexuals in brooklyn  dating

If you start with the assumption that there are attractive things about maleness and about femaleness (the energy, the body, whatever), and you really like both, who’d want to give up both?It’d be like never eating chocolate again, just to concentrate on vanilla.A straight male friend recently admitted he doesn’t believe bisexuals can handle monogamy.“If you are attracted to people of both sexes,” he said, “that just doubles the temptation.Even if you had the best vanilla in the world and even if you kind of preferred vanilla most of the time, wouldn’t you want chocolate every once in a while?”Mathematically his hypothesis makes sense; however, I can’t even look at most people let alone imagine having the sex with them.

It’s just easier and I don’t have to deal with anything emotionally messy. My heart is 100% gay.”Melanie and Marla, on the other hand, differentiate between energy rather than gender.

“No wonder details are glossed over and the word gets misunderstood.”If bisexuality seems misunderstood by non-bisexuals, how, I wondered, do bisexuals relate to the term. I interviewed several women spanning ages 25 to 50, and only a few were willing to accept the moniker.

For example, *Amy in Portland said that although she’s participated in relationships with both men and women, “I don’t consider myself lesbian, bi or straight.

And when a woman flip-flops from women to men you wonder, is it because I couldn’t fuck her like a man can? “I’ve always been most attracted to intelligence,” she said.

“The rest is just logistics.”Anna however, draws a distinction between the quality of her pull to men and women.

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