Black woman dating other race deborah presley christian brando dating

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Black woman dating other race

In fact, when I first set out to meet his white, British family, I asked if he had told them I was black.

His reply—”no, I don’t think they’d care”—filled me with dread.

I can almost see the disappointment radiating off people who find out that my partner is white.

One person told me she was “tired” of seeing black and brown people dating white people.

If a black person dates someone outside of their race, their “blackness” — and how they feel about it — should not automatically be called into question.

The growth of interracial relationships in the last 20 years certainly demonstrates that towards accepting these kinds of relationships and racial equality overall, but we have a long way to go.

It wouldn’t have surprised me if they balked: Families forbidding dating outside the clan is a story much older than .

But as it turned out, both our families have welcomed and supported our relationship.

Smith asks Adichie to reflect upon the pleasure they both feel in the fact that US president Barack Obama married Michelle Obama, a dark-skinned black woman.

“But then I have to ask myself, well if he married a mixed-race woman, would that in some way be a lesser marriage? “If it was a white woman, would we feel differently?

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‘Mandigo’ and ‘Spicy Latin Lover’ stereotypes about men of color are also harmful.