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Blood live free sex chart

p.m.: Dr Shobini Rajan: Blood Banks are under regulation of State FDA and work with a license issued through Drug Controller General of India p.m.: Comment From ravi kumar i just want to know, is there any timely routine visit from the govt.

officials for the facility livecheck and most importantly, are they been updated and reminded as an exercise so important? p.m.: Chapal: I think that claim would be questionable. p.m.: Chapal: The government has done good work in this regard earlier .

p.m.: Vidya Krishnan: Dr Rajan, could you respond to what Chapal said about the acceptability of the numbers?

p.m.: Dr Shobini Rajan: I tend to agree with Leena to the extent that in some states, especially in government facilities, replacement donation happens.

But it is certainly to control this to a minimum p.m.: Comment From Nathan Do we have more information on where exactly is the issue ? I think what is needed is a renewed focus p.m.: Vidya Krishnan: And isnt this a minimum figure? p.m.: Dr Shobini Rajan: The blood banks are visited by State FDA to check compliance to license requisites periodically.

Additional visits are also made by the officers of State Blood Transfusion councils and Blood Transfusion Experts.

p.m.: Comment From Rajneesh Salgotra Blood banks in India must be taken under some regulation now. Isn't a check done on the blood samples when it is donated?

CHecks are in place though to make every blood bank mandatorily screen for five infections prior to accepting the blood unit.

Each donor is also screened through questionnaire and examination before he is accepted as a donor p.m.: Vidya Krishnan: Dr Rajan: If you could respond to Leena on the massive shortage of vial load testing kits.

p.m.: Vidya Krishnan: So, Dr Rajan, are you saying this data could be inflated?

Or could be an underestimation since there is no scientific way to track it?

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p.m.: Comment From Guest Shobini/ Leena: one of major issues with this data set is that it is self reported-- patients walk in months after a transfusion and realise they are infected.