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Brett ratner lindsay lohan dating

Here are the things the Academy knew, or could have known after a few minutes with Google, about Brett Ratner before it announced his appointment.

Despite this background, the Academy was dumbfounded Monday when Ratner, at a public Q&A session following a Sunday screening of Tower Heist, responded to a question about rehearsal time on his films with the bon mot “Rehearsal is for fags.”The comment immediately set off a firestorm.

She was then said to be in a relationship with Korean Hulk, Je-Yong Ha.

Apart from all the long and short-term relationships, the ‘Mean Girls’ star has also been in a number of lesbian relationships in the past. When the two were seeing each other between 20, Lohan who has never been mistaken to be a role model to anyone worked hard to keep it a secret because she feared it could ruin her career.

In August, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, Hollywood's most venerable institution, founded by Louis B.

Mayer himself and dedicated to the promotion of the film medium, announced it was hiring Brett Ratner, director of Tower Heist and the Rush Hour films, to produce the 84th Academy Awards ceremony, its annual gala celebration of the year in film.

actress has likewise been rumored to have dated a good number of men in the past.

Among those on this list is one of your favorite actors, Bruce Willis.

Nonetheless, she has been in a roller-coaster of relationships.

It could be for making her way in or out of the rehab, or something else.

Among other things, Lindsay Lohan’s dating life is also another thing about her that has got a lot of attention.

As claimed, he had something to do with the actress in 2005.

In the same year, she was rumored to have also dated James Franco, Talan Torriero, Harry Judd, Jared Leto, and then there was Diego Garcia. star was rumored to have dated Sean Lennon, Shaun White, Ryan Adams, and Joaquin Phoenix, followed by Jude Law and James Blunt in 2007, Evan Ross and Jeremy Greene in 2008, and Seth Rogen the following year.

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One of the most controversial actresses of almost always, Lilo was born on July 2, 1986.

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