Bush dating long nia reggie Sexyflirt mobile

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Bush dating long nia reggie

finally got a new face on its cover..it's a swexy one at that. Maybe Kim and reggie are two peas in a pod for all we know. Stop the insecure neckrolling and cutting your eyes at the man via the internet.

New Orleans Saints baller Reggie Bush is the February cover boy. All I care about is reggie and the sinners losing in two weeks then Kim can have him all to herself at home watching the playoffs! If you paid a little more attention to your own love life and maintaining a healthy relationship, you wouldn't have time to feel belittled by the relationship or pigmentation of another woman. NO ONE COULD OF SAID IT BEST....y OU hit THE NAIL RIGHT ON THE HEAD AND ALOT OF PEOPLE WANT TO TURN A BLIND EYE ON THIS BECAUSE HALF THE PEOPLE WHO ALWAYS THINK WE ARE ALWAYS BRING UP RACES AS An ISSUE ARE probably HALF WHITE OR MAYBE HAVE SOME WHITE MAN AT THERE SIDE.

However, with the fact that Yeezy’s ex boo Amber Rose is now also carrying a gut full, we see these two speeding up on some swirly babies soon…

Then ESSENCE senior editor Jeannine Amber, channeling her inner bad girl, spins ten naughty tales starring some of our favorite men to curl up with--if only in our minds. And let the "Y'all know damn well Reggie don't like black chicks" comments start in 3...2... Why take Reggie's preference as a personal affront to you? Since we were Subliminaly informed to begin hating by the OP, let me add.

ESSENCE's first "Black Men, Love and Relationships" issue features its top 10 countdown of the sexiest men in sports, music and Hollywood. We're experiencing serious cyber attacks in addition to tech issues from our hosts and it is al being worked on. Lance Gross is good looking, but there is something delicate and almost pretty about him that throws me.

Just like Miss G stated Black men like reggie B should not be representing us on this level.. fuck the haters He looks incredible and I hear he's a really nice guy. Not cause he's dating a white woman (half my family, and i'm sure a lot of yours', are mixed to some degree) but cause he's dating HER. But seriously, don't a lot of the more bitter ones on this site get tired of being so damn angry regarding interracial relationships? This obsession with race has gone a little too far. If he prefers caucasian women who's to say that's necessarily wrong? Just go and find the millions of black males who either don't have a preference for one or the other or are particularly partial to black women! Stacey: I am SOOOOOOO dissapointed in some of the YBF women right now.

btw NO we don't know her personally, but we do know she craves attention, that she is a liar, that she is not bright unless it comes to selling her body for money..thats a great representation for a man that supposingly does all this great stuff like charity work...i would love for my son to bring something like that home..and i'm inter-racial as well and I did not take anything personal about what anyone said..need to get a grip dear and further more all of u DON'T KNOW KIM... ur just fuckin jealous and thats why yall damn women are fucking single cuz ur fucking miserable and your all haters I think love is love, and he's dating a woman not an alien, he's still a black man, he's in a relationship, and he has a right to express his views, and Kim is not completely white she is middle eastern, not that it matters. Reggie is a successful, good looking man who is a great role model for young boys who want to go to college and excel in sports – you don’t ever hear about him and drugs, firearms, blah, blah, jail, etc.

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Not some man, who only finds dignity in dating a woman with a sex tape. Yes, Reggie is cute and well built eye candy but why is he on the cover of essence that is title Black men, love and relationships when it is noted that he doesn't date black women and essence is a magazine for black women???? Women would still have something to say if he was with a black woman.

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