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Chat bots

Customers can engage with a chatbot in much the same way they would in an online conversation with live customer support employees, so the learning curve for customers to engage with chatbots is practically nonexistent.

Since many chatbots use natural language processing methods, they can analyze the customer's question and deliver a response that meets the customer's needs.

The best chatbots can also offer the customer the feeling of conversing with a live operator at any time.

(Using a chatbot allows you to offer a 24-hour service | Source) Although some chatbots are designed to simulate human intelligence, other systems have been developed around the idea of letting computers do the things that they were built to do: handle dull or repetitive tasks, such as calculations or database searches.

David Cancel, CEO of chatbot development firm Drift, wrote that the goal of a chatbot should not be to create a perfect simulation of a human conversation but to satisfy the customer's needs.

“A brand shouldn’t try to build a human-like chatbot,” Cancel told us, “a great chatbot should be able to take actions that maximize their chances of success toward achieving particular goals.” And if a customer’s goal happens to involve asking to have their password rest for the fourth time in a week — your chatbot won't mind! ) To ease the purchasing process for the customer, your chatbot can pop up on any product page to offer additional information, video content or even a discount code.

Your live chat support staff need sleep — but your chatbot doesn’t.Chatbots can be built to check sales numbers, marketing performance, inventory status, or perform employee onboarding.Read about how Infor uses AI in their Enterprise Chatbots can simplify and expedite the process of everyday personal activities such as ordering new shoes or groceries, booking medical appointments, or making travel reservations, from your mobile device, browser or favorite chat platform.AI-powered chatbots are typically better integrated with the CMS and CRM platforms that underpin a brand’s online presence, allowing them to tap into customer information and provide personalized experiences. (Side note: This guide from Hello Social shows why modern customers are warming up to advanced chatbots, particularly around the fact that they can provide us with immediate answers.Here’s how an AI-powered chatbot might differ from a chatbot programmed to give specific answers to specific questions: Hi Jonathan! It also shows 10 examples of successful real-world chatbots in action including Gymshark and Spotify.) While the benefits for the company that uses chatbots include reducing costs (your live chat support staff bill will be much lower), the real winner will be your customers.

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Chatbots can also help customers with the process of gathering information, such as the item they wish to purchase, the method they want to use for purchasing the item, and how they want it shipped.