Chat vdiosks

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Chat vdiosks

One 50% off discount code on any coaching service of their choice (excluding emergency coaching)! Tier 3 will receive a FREE COPY of my book upon release!

This tier will give you MODERATOR ABILITIES in my Discord Server & on Twitch for the duration of the subscription as well as everything else from previous tiers.

Create a group and hold the camera to send them a frisbee!

Friends can instantly throw a frisbee back, or whenever it's convenient.

The Love Chat is a You Tube channel dedicated to assisting those with broken hearts with information & advice free of charge.

Supporting The Love Chat will give me more freedom to create additional content, giveaways, and live-streams for you!

A special mention on The Love Chat website Thank you for your support!

Becoming my patron will give you access to private live-streams where you can ask me your relationship questions, and EXCLUSIVE videos only released to my patrons! The Love for more information on my coaching! Patrons in the introductory tier are helping support The Love Chat so that Rory can devote more time to free coaching giveaways on You Tube and new videos!

Additionally you will get a special role on my Discord server!

Videos point out ways that the paintings have been made with observations about materials and techniques used.

The classes are intended to be for beginners to art.

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The internet has hacked this by making it primarily text-based, which is more impersonal and less authentic.