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This works out to having 14 or 15 hours of Face Time chatting consume about 1GB.

If you choose to use a personal hot spot or a smartphone tethering plan to support Face Time over Wi-Fi, you'll still be using your cellular data allowance.

Third-party testing conducted by Anand Tech indicates that the app uses no more than 150kbps of bandwidth.A 3-way Group Face Time call — or one with five, 10, or more people — shows the participants in small boxes on the screen.When someone talks or when you select their tile, it becomes larger to make it easier to see.Face Time originally only worked over a Wi-Fi wireless network connection, requiring parties on both ends of the call to have their own Internet service.To use Face Time at the office or at home, you need to have an Internet connection which you or your company pays for.

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The only thing that Apple requires for you to be able to use the Face Time app on your i Pad, i Phone or i Pod Touch is an Apple ID.