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But instead, she found him ready to face her with shameless wit, which was met with widespread approval and respect from others on Twitter. Unless you're the recipient and you weren't seriously looking for someone to Netflix and chill with, it's hilarious to witness. It seems that dating today relies on the ability to think of (or look up) witty puns quickly, so if you don't have your A game with words, forget about it.

Well, it can make your blood boil too, but that's another story. Here are some conversations from Tinder peeps who know how to sling a word or two, and some of these are actually really impressive. If I were confronted with that kind of up-front-ness on Tinder, I'd have no choice but to go with it.

If you wanna see some strange and disturbing profiles, then check these out.

This gives off similar vibes to the guy on Twitter who asked what women will do with their lives if they live into their 80's without having kids.

Are some of these borderline insane, and giving off the distinct whiff of potential sex addiction?

Radio Host @Stefan Molyneux, met quite a bit of backlash on Twitter after tweeting out his incendiary thoughts on how women wearing lipstick is equivalent to men wearing "artificial erections" around the office.

A Twitter user apparently found this "nice" note taped up around town. It turns out that almost no one feels that way:via @Hell3Quin, @mitchberghini, @Big Hairy Marty, @scatterkeir, @Agent Ann KBut hey, there's hope!

Do you feel safer now knowing this guy is somewhere out there?

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