Chris colfer dating

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Chris colfer dating

primarily centered on Rachel Berry's rise from overachieving high school drama queen to Broadway star, but viewers often found themselves gravitating towards other members of Mc Kinley High's New Directions. Pierce and Sam Evans and wildly talented Glee Club members like Blaine Anderson and Mercedes Jones became fan-favorites, but for some people, it was always all about fashionable and sassy countertenor Kurt Hummel.

Schuester's controversial and instantly-unpopular New Directions, and his bravery continued and inspired viewers for the series' entire six-season run.

Even though he was an incredibly masculine man whose favorite hobbies were watching sports and fixing cars, he wasn't above sitting down for a tea party with his son or supplying Kurt with his flamboyant and expensive wardrobe.

He was the kind-hearted, open-minded dad every teen wishes they had, but Kurt often failed to realize just how great Burt really was.

Kurt insisted that he was happy about potentially becoming Finn's brother, but it was clear that he wanted more than that.

Luckily Blaine eventually came around and won Kurt's heart, because Kurt's Finn obsession was getting creepy.

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It wasn't until Burt told Kurt for the dozenth time that he loved him just as he was that Kurt finally acknowledged his father's unconditional support.

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