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If a sister has to handle duties usually performed by a brother at a congregationally arranged meeting or meeting for field service, she should wear a head covering.

There may be other occasions when no baptized males are present at a congregation meeting.

A sister would not pray in the presence of a dedicated brother unless there were some exceptional reason, such as the brother’s having lost the physical power of speech.

A Christian sister may on occasion be accompanied on a Bible study by an unbaptized male Kingdom publisher.

Questions From Readers In what situations is it appropriate for a Christian woman to wear a head covering for spiritual reasons?

“Every woman that prays or prophesies with her head uncovered shames her head,” wrote the apostle Paul. Because of the divine principle of headship: “The head of a woman is the man.” Praying or preaching in the Christian congregation is normally the responsibility of a man.

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If she chooses to pray on such an occasion, she should wear a head covering.

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