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This method requires that you start taking distributions every year, on an annual basis.How much you take out depends on two things: the value of the account at the beginning of the year, and the life expectancy of the beneficiary as of the death of the original IRA holder.

The exception is that when spouses use their option to roll over an inherited IRA into their own IRA, they can do a Roth conversion if they choose.Therefore, under the stretch IRA rules, the person will need to take out 1/36 of the beginning account balance for the year.The next year, the required minimum distribution will be 1/35 of the updated accounted balance at the beginning of that year.Dan Caplinger has been a contract writer for the Motley Fool since 2006.As the Fool's Director of Investment Planning, Dan oversees much of the personal-finance and investment-planning content published daily on

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However, spouses can use any of the options available below to nonspouses as well if they so choose.