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Consolidating salliemae loans

Remember, this are not designed to be complete solutions to affording your private student loans, but they can offer you some relief until you can figure out a way to afford your private student loans.

And borrowers need to remember that interest will continue to accrue on the loan.

But this is especially true if you can’t afford your private student loans.

The simple fact is, there are 168 hours in each week. You sleep 7 hours per night, so a total of 49 hours per week. What are you doing with the remaining 68 hours each week?

For example, So Fi has a Unemployment Protection Program where they will place your loans into a 12 month forbearance if you are unemployed.

You have to show proof of your unemployment (by showing your eligibility for unemployment benefits) and you also need to work with their Career Strategy department to help you get a job. They offer private student loan forbearance if you are experiencing a financial hardship.

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