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Cowboy and cowgirl dating

Stings, killian cowboy cowgirl dating website freemantle is handbags, grips, suitcases, duffelbags, packing i uppings, rather ooraaaa hooray thechange.You dont want to get on and do the next cowboy cowgirl dating website cowboy cowgirl dating website thing so you find other trivial things to distract you.Doesn’t matter the time period, that cowboy song post is always at the top.And it’s the post that brings the greatest number of foreign readers over here.Our site has 100's of singles waiting to talk to somebody just like you!

To be a cowboy song — or cowgirl song, as the case is here — the singer has to hit at least some of these criteria: 1) gotta be singing about something from the cowboy lifestyle. 2) To make this list, I’m demanding a special kind of voice, preferably with that “high lonesome” that features in so many of the greatest cowboy songs. She sings sometimes in English, sometimes in Spanish, but always with that characteristic catch in her voice I associate with Spanish singing. , her musical tribute to how the great Utah folk singer, Rosalie Sorrells, escaped an abusive relationship and lit out for fame and glory toting five kids in an old Ford van. That doesn’t keep her from working one of the best “high lonesome” voices anybody’s West has ever heard. Okay, she’s not really a Western singer in any sense of the word.

3) If it isn’t a classic yet, it has to demonstrate the makings of it. Think a less earnest, more playful Joan Baez with a Tex-Mex overlay. Surely a modern day version of a cowgirl saga on par with anything Marty Robbins could write. But I think this song could be sung by any cowgirl worth her six shooter.

And finally, 4) you can only imagine the singer in cowboy gear and surrounded by cattle, horses or cactus while singing it. But in the end, I went for the poetry of Another classic. If the West was a place where the men were tough, I bet the women were even tougher.

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