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Craig bierko dating

When the young producer Madison (Genevieve Buechner) has trouble getting a contestant to open up on camera, Rachel is unmoved: “Tell her your mother died or something,” she says. Is making history by casting Darius worth repeating history by setting up another cast of women to be edited into wifeys and tramps? But we know by now how great she is at spinning fairy tales.

Returning for Season 2 on Monday, “Un REAL” remains one of TV’s most sharp-minded and -tongued escapes, a heart-shaped box full of chocolate and razor blades. “He’s, like, football black.”Fake reality is ahead of real reality here; “The Bachelor” has yet to cast a black star. During the first season, Rachel had an illicit romance with the season’s suitor, a media-savvy British royal with a P. problem; for each of them, the relationship was genuine and a means of control."It is not my fault that America's racist," she snapped.This time out, "Un REAL" tackles the thorny issue of race head-on -- a particular point of controversy involving "The Bachelor," which in its long history has yet to yield a minority "winner." Series creators Marti Noxon and Sarah Gertrude Shapiro (a former "Bachelor" producer) dive straight into that thicket, having the producers select a star pro quarterback (B. Britt of "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD") as their first African-American bachelor.So in terms of earning a place among TV's elite dramas, it's the real deal."Un REAL" begins its second season June 6 on Lifetime.

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Last summer brought us a pair of cable dramas about psychologically troubled antiheroes who gained access to the levers of mighty and vaguely sinister institutions: the global financial network and a hit reality show. Robot,” was immediately hailed as groundbreaking for its bravura visuals, its timely critique of capitalism and its unreliable-narrator protagonist, a computer hacker out to dismantle a system of debt slavery.

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