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Below you will find date ideas for the outdoor explorer, the food connoisseur, and even the budget shopper.We also added gift suggestions that will help make the evening even more memorable. Below is a list of 52 anniversary date ideas organized by category.How do you drop the hint to your partner that you’d like to celebrate six months?“Communication is key in all relationships,” says Melissa Diamond, host of the dating podcast .“Whether it’s large or small milestones,” Diamond tells Elite Daily, “your partner will appreciate the added effort in expressing feelings to one another.” No matter how big you’re hoping the celebration will be, you should let your partner know that six months is an important milestone for you and you hope they’ll treat it as such.“Drop hints and clues so your partner knows what your expectations are,” Masini notes.

No doubt you’ve had friends who make every single relationship moment into a huge event. This can be very normal and positive.”But it’s also totally normal to want to celebrate only major milestones.Who doesn’t love a good excuse to celebrate a milestone? Relationship and etiquette expert April Masini encourages couples to do whatever feels right for them.When you’re dating someone new, every month you’re together feels like a reason to party, especially when the half-year mark rolls around. “Some couples like to celebrate small steps — while others prefer to celebrate the broad strokes,” she tells Elite Daily.Maybe a bottle of their favorite champagne or a blooming bouquet of If you are looking to keep the post-anniversary bliss going, try our 30 day relationship challenge!All of the challenges are simple things you can do that are backed by science to keep the spark alive.

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If you just can’t get behind the idea of a six-month anniversary, don’t fret.

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