Dating a control freak shinae and alex dating

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Dating a control freak

At home, they will criticize projects you do and often will come in and re-do the job under the belief that if they do it, it will be done right.

If you find that as you pick up the hammer and nail to hang a picture, your partner takes them out of your hands to do it, you are probably dating a control freak. They meticulously plan all moments of the day and become angry when events go awry.

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Control freaks are typically perfectionists who set impossibly high standards for themselves and others and cannot deal reasonably with the unpredictability of the real world. At work, they put in long hours and love being the “hardest working, most dedicated” employee. They rarely delegate tasks, but if they do, they will micromanage and nitpick until the job is done to their satisfaction.To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more, see our about us page: link below.You and your partner have a great day out planned, but almost from the beginning, things go wrong. How is your partner dealing with these misfortunes? If this scenario seems familiar, you may have hooked up with a control freak. Does your partner exhibit any of these warning signs?They make all the decisions for any relationship or plan.Even if they agree to do something your way, they will often go and do it their way without telling you. Often, these petty tyrants will tell you their meddling is for your own good and shows how much they care.

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They’ll find picky faults and make others feel guilty for not meeting the perfectionist’s expectations.