Dating a guy with a wandering eye who is kim marsh dating

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Dating a guy with a wandering eye

One study suggests that eye contact for , so if the subject of your distraction is a person (as opposed to food or a billboard) you may want to set a hard limit at three seconds.If your gaze is making people uncomfortable, it’s never healthy.

It's completely natural for people to look at those they find attractive, whether they are in a loving, committed relationship or not.There are religious lines of argumentation around this that have led to rigidly policed dress codes, but science is agnostic on the point (and most points of morality).Diving into the numbers, it becomes clear that distraction and particularly sexual distraction is inevitable and that it’s also inevitably noticeable.“Research on stimulus-driven attention suggests that attention may be captured by particular external stimuli and that this capture may be unintentional and directly contrary to the subject’s intentions,” Scientists demonstrate this with the dot-probe test.Participants sit in front of a computer screen and stare at a fixation cross in the center of a blank screen.

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At the same time, you’re not blind and you’re going to look.