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Going camping, rocking out at a concert, going for coffee, smooching in the back row of the cinema D is for...Going for dinner, dancing, having a double date, going to Disneyland E is for... engines were also exported to many countries including the French ​Terrot and Dresch manufacturers, Ardie, Hecker, and Tornax in Germany, and many manufacturers in Australia such as Invincible. The first is the V-Twin which was manufactured in various capacities from 1905. Although important to motorcycle manufacturers, these attributes were seen as critical to aircraft manufacturers many of whom used J. One of the most popular motorcycle sports in the UK and Australia was Speedway, which along with grass track racing was dominated for many years by J.

Re-enacting your first date, having some retail therapy, going on a road trip S is for... For motorcycle use, the V-twin engine had another attribute: narrowness. Due to the unusual tax laws in the UK, three-wheeled vehicles were taxed the same as motorcycles and many J. The engines were front mounted in the Morgan’s and many of the J. In conjunction with Morgan, a water-cooled V-twin version was also available. Going to a museum, getting/giving massages, playing mini-golf, playing Monopoly, watching a movie FWYF N is for...Getting a cheeky Nando's, being at one with nature, going for a nighttime walk, visiting a nudist beach O is for...

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Although more like a car than a motorcycle and sidecar, the Morgans were classified for tax purposes the same as sidecars. variants were used, including singles, twins, V-twins inside valve and OHV configurations. During World War II, the company supplied close to one-quarter of a million petrol powered engines in addition to millions of aircraft parts.