Dating an aloof man dating mr rain

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Dating an aloof man

While they want to fit in with others, they are not commanded to do so.

In fact, Aquarius often adopt a “like me or not” attitude and will not waste their time trying to win another person over or gain their acceptance.

Again – very different than the other signs of the zodiac.

The Aquarius sign is empowered by the need to seek out wisdom.

I am, however, someone who is attracted to the world of spirituality for reasons that I do not yet fully understand, which may be a result of being born under the Scorpio Zodiac sign. When you see the Aquarius symbol, the sign is almost always represented by a “Glyph” – which is an elemental symbol representing water.

If you’ve ever met an Aquarius male you know these words are emblematic of their personality.

Aquarius’s other ruling planet, gas giant Saturn, located 746 million miles from where you are right now, was thought to be responsible for cosmic energy that empowers keen mental abilities, inventiveness and intelligence.

Greek mythology (Circa 550 BC) suggests the symbol itself is based on the story of Ganymede, a handsome young prince who was reported to be the most beautiful in all of Hellenistic Troy.

Ganymede was a servant to Zeus – King of Mount Olympus and of all other Greek Gods.

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This is why so many people born under this air sign are independent, autonomous and frankly – super smart.

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