Dating an awkward guy tragic tale of teen dating violence

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Dating an awkward guy

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Even if you and this guy have been texting nonstop since the moment you met and/or matched, maybe try cooling it with the texting the day of your actual date. Well, this way, you're saving some topics of conversation for the first date.

The date can get a little awkward if you've already talked about everything there is to talk about throughout the day via i Message.

If you're actually excited about this new person, some basic conversation topics might be worth a shot. You feel awkward and nervous, so why not take a couple of shots of liquid courage before you go, right? First of all, you're telling yourself you Second, odds are, you'll be getting some sort of drink during your date.

But the trick to keeping small talk from being a mind-numbingly boring, awkward conversation from hell is actually investing your energy in it. And for every drink you have with him, you'll be in a few drinks even deeper because you pregamed it. Maybe it's that guy who sits across from you at work.

But just make sure you're actually excited about the small-talk topic you have chosen.

But according to my friends, they hate first dates because first dates are "awkward."Now, I'm a pretty awkward person myself, so it's not that I don't understand their point.

There's obviously going to be an inevitable element of awkwardness when it comes to going on a date with someone new for the first time.

BUT TRY NOT TO DO THAT EITHER because this could lead to a million other awkward situations of a completely different nature.

For example, it's just a first date, so odds are, you might have other guys in your life who message you. If I had to pick just one piece of advice from this list to give you, it would be this one.

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