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Dating butterick sewing patterns

The hairstyle, the garment style and length, even the printing fonts used can be hints as to the era of a pattern.This is when knowing a bit about fashion eras can be valuable.There is a book series, by Wade Laboissonniere, that attempts to make sense of all the different numbering systems.Sometimes the only way to determine the age of a pattern is from the styling of the illustration.The other smaller companies did not put dates on their patterns.And be careful, because sometimes an older pattern will have a copyright date that is not for the design, but for a feature like the method of construction.

If you want to know when your pattern was made, there are several ways to find out.Pattern magazines and counter books (the big books in stores which showed all the styles) are also interesting to collect, and they are invaluable aids in helping to place a date on a pattern.When buying vintage patterns there are several things to keep in mind.Look along the edge on the back of the envelope, or sometimes on the flap.Simplicity patterns were dated in the 1940s and into the 50s, on the instruction sheet. Simplicity stopped putting dates on most patterns in the early 50s, but in the mid 1960s they began printing it on the envelope back.

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