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), the second (also through Instagram) that he had left the Christian faith.

Harris’s journey of ‘deconstruction’ (his own word) appears complete.

The first is the nature of the church he came from, the second is the nature of Christian Higher Education. Harris had been trained, and nurtured, under the direct tutelage of C. Maheny, once powerful and respected megachurch pastor.

Harris was, to my understanding, Maheny’s chosen successor.

The news was met with grief (from Christians) as well as joy (from atheists and other former Christians).

Naturally, the circumstances invite speculation, as well as unfortunate puns. Why did he kiss Christianity (and his wife) goodbye?

The first (through Instagram) that he and his wife would be separating (apparently amicably?

a kind of Gwyneth Paltrowian ‘conscious uncoupling’?

Of course, that honesty is marred by two things—one of them being his divorce, which is fundamentally dishonest, the other being the snazzy marketing means of the announcements.

Tutored under a controlling, apparently power-hungry leader.

Educated on the job in a self-protecting institution which hurt its members.

In this respect, it’s a kind of prosperity gospel: if I do this action in faith, God will bless me.

Christians should retrieve romance and courtship in their relationships, and all this should be done with a commitment to purity. In some people, it appears—and especially in certain young women of the time—sexual purity came to be seen as a bargaining chip for a good marriage. Christian teaching undoubtedly holds that sexual purity matters, but to turn it into a kind of bargaining chip for God’s work in your future relationships is to try to leverage God.

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That church was one of the churches which worked to restore Maheny to leadership.) It seems to me that the Sovereign Grace story is a key component to the trajectory of Harris’s faith journey.

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