Dating commitment phobic men

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Loving a Commitment Phobic Man - What to do if you've fallen Love isn't logical.

The bottom line is this: Even if he's trying his best and truly seems to love and respect you, you are worth more than someone who can't even commit to weekend plans.

“The trick to locking a guy down is simple: Prove how awesome you are, and then disappear suddenly.

I threw the guy I was quasi-dating for months an amazing birthday party with all his friends. The next weekend, I left town without any warning so he could realize just how much less fun life was without me around.

I created the illusion that there was another guy really interested in a serious relationship with me.

All I had to do was edit my best friend’s name in my phone to ‘Gary’ and instruct her to send some carefully timed texts. If you’re sleeping with a man who’s clueless about how to keep his place neat, trust me that he’s going to want you around if you start cleaning shit up, no matter how commitment-phobic he is.

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We’ve been together for two years now and he hasn’t even mentioned another third party sexcapade. ” — Cathryn, 25 “So many dudes are terrified of commitment on the surface.

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