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Sometimes first dates go well enough for a strong bond to form, but, generally, your concern should be nailing that second date. Because the second date is where a lot of the real connection is made.

A lot of guys make the mistake of thinking that if they survived the first date, the second date should be a piece of cake.

Remember, attraction moves forward and women need sex too.

If she’s denying you, it’s very possible that she’s hooking up with another guy, while letting you spend your whole paycheck every time you hang out.

Just because you’re using a dating app, doesn’t mean things are any less linear. Well, a lot of the time a girl may go out with you after you chat on an app like Tinder, but she won’t give you her number.Focusing too much on the date itself, and not creating an environment where you can connect is a recipe for disaster.Think of it this way; a picnic is better than a trip to a bowling alley.A good second date shouldn’t be too serious, but also shouldn’t be so formal that it feels like a business lunch.An activity is always a good choice, but you don’t want it to be so distracting that you can’t continue to talk. Unless the theatre is totally empty and you feel like you can talk during the movie, you won’t be doing much to connect because you’ll be sitting in silence the whole time. They’re usually quiet, and you can wander along with each other at your own pace.

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We live in a society where the onus tends to be on the man to plan and pay for dates, and there are some girls out there who take advantage of this fact.

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