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For example, don’t ask her where she grew up; Ask her what it was like where she grew up.Don’t ask her what she does for a living; Ask what she likes about her job. Coming up with things to keep the conversation going.Tip #1: Keep it Open Ended One of the biggest mistakes men make when they’re talking to women is to ask a lot of closed questions. So here are a few pointers on keeping the conversational ball rolling — something that will help you out a lot better than static conversation starters.

The problem with these isn’t just that they don’t allow for the conversation to flow; It’s also that they can have her feeling a bit like she’s on a job interview. Ask open-ended questions that allow for longer answers.When my phone rang and I saw it was her, any sense of sleepiness went out the window. It was the type of conversation where your ear hurts from holding the phone to it for so long. Do you remember having conversations like that with your wife when you were dating?When kids arrive it’s easy to have all the focus, energy, and conversations about the little ones. However, it is important for the health of the entire family for you and your wife to stay connected.Here are 10 conversation starters for dates with your wife. What major world event during your lifetime would you return to? If you could design the perfect master bedroom, what would it look like? If you were the owner of a restaurant, what would be the theme and what type of food would be served? What was the first time you drove a car alone like?

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Tip #4: Don’t Be Afraid to Talk About Yourself We’re big fans of vulnerability at The Art of Charm.

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