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My results so far: My opinion so far is that Sapio hasn't hit critical mass yet, seems to be popular only in some metropolitan regions (not Boston) so it's irrelevant to me.

Like the throttling that Cm B does, it forces women to pay more attention to you than if they could just scan through pretty much every single guy in a 50 mile radius for the juicy 20%.

THE REALITIES OF DATING THREAD: When someone asks whether my dating luck is really *that* bad, and maybe I'm too fussy/should follow their advice/be old fashioned/blah blah blah and I'm like....better believe it.

Sit tight There was also the fella I met on a night out.

A freak who messaged me pretending to be someone i'd met on bumble, when in fact he was a total stranger who'd had a date with my mate the week before and had started stalking me on Facebook as a result and was trying to trick me into meeting him.

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does something similar in having your matches for the day. It's very blue-collar and is filled with lots of first-generation immigrants, most of them Brazilian although some are also from Russia too.

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